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    About CNGE

    Business Concepts

    The Susino Group’s firmly held goal is to constantly create new value for customers and shareholders. The Group’s paramount ideal is to make every enterprise under its flag a leading company in its industry. While striving for excellence, Susino Group is also dedicated to promotion of employee benefits and environmental protection in a bid to enhance harmony and balance between people and the environment.


    The Susino Group was established by Mr. Wang an’bang in 1995, previously Hengshun Umbrella (Jinjiang) Co., LTD. The company was going public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in September 2007 and the corresponding stock code was 002174.          


    After listing, the Susino has had several major M&A cases and finally becomes a large conglomerate. The Group has across multiple industries which involves Angel funds, PE/VC funds, gaming, umbrella, new material, mining, environmental protection, social public welfare and etc.   

    Susino has been following the business objective---Ingenuity for life, strengthen its enterprise value orientation, core competence and build a strong stage. The Group not only provides the most comprehensive on-the-job trainings and pleasant working environment for the staff but also encourage lifelong learning to broaden knowledge and skills. Backed by active R&D and innovation, the Group strives to manufacture the best products and offers the most attentive service with the environment-friendly business model. Also, we actively operate our global marketing and offer the most intimate service for our beautiful future.    

    The Group’s paramount ideal is to make every enterprise under its flag a leading company in its industry, no matter past, present and future.

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